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Monday, March 30, 2009

A few from the weekend

I have lost the cord to my camera and therefor have been able to upload a lot of the new pics I have taken. Luckily I have my trusty camera phone so I can at least share a few. As you probably noticed in the first picture Damian is FINALLY crawling. He just started on Sunday. It is so weird to put him down in one place and turn my head for 2 seconds and he pops up somewhere else. No more relaxing from this point on. He is also very, very close to walking on his own! I was convinced he would walk before he crawled but he certainly proved me wrong. He is also into anything with an on off switch or that can open or close. He loves the cupboards and the pots and pans which reside inside. Damian and I have established a morning routine which I love. I no longer hate to get ready as long as my monkey is there. He generally sits in the sink while I try to pull myself together in the mornings. He loves to do as mom does. He can brush all 6 of his little teeth and comb his own hair. He also loves to make me laugh by looking in the mirror and making funny faces at me. It just makes my mornings. Last but not least is me and Lauren from our night out with the girls. We were in the rear of the short bus and loved every minute of We heard some bottles, had some opinions about the heat and "he" is hot as well as hearing aids. It was great! You would have just had to have been there to fully understand the humor in it!


Sar n' Trav said...

Ash! You have no idea how jealous I was that Travis got to see you, and I didn't.

I am glad to see that Damian is walking! I really want to meet the little guy! Okay, it's done, we're getting together, week nights work best for me, so maybe we can all do a dinner or something next week, maybe Thursday? let me know!

Brittany Wall said...

Ashley!! I finally got your blog from Jen so now we can blog stalk each other! Our blog address is: Damian is soooo big and I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!