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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well I know you can't see it in the pic but Damians little arm is all better. In fact the doctor we saw yesterday said he could not see a fracture on the current or previous x ray. I guess better safe than sorry though. I am so glad my little man did not need a permanent hard cast. I just had to post this picture that we took last night because Damian is getting so
big. He is all over the place and is into EVERYTHING! Love him!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BoYs WiLl bE bOyS

Well after an entire year of nothing serious Damian got his first major boo boo! Long story short we were playing and he fell....well maybe dove is a better term. The poor little guy has an incomplete fracture in his left arm. It was quite the adventure trying to get it fixed. We arrived at the hospital at 630 on Tuesday night and arrived home at about 930 after he was poked and prodded and x ray'd only to realize the nurses had put the splint on the wrong arm. We had to return to Alta View at 1000 and didn't make it back home for the second time until 1100. It was one of the longest days ever. Damian was so good throughout it all. He has been such a trooper. He still attempts to crawl and will play. I really have to admit it is somewhat entertaining to watch him crawl. He really doesn't seem to mind the splint and wrap. I was really worried he would pull on it and mess with it and be very irritated by it. He even sleeps well throughout the night. I have been so blessed with such a wonderful little boy.

This was him passed out Wednesday afternoon. He is just the sweetest little guy ever!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My FAVORITE person!

He is what makes each and everyday worth it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I don't even have words for this one. My little monkey is all over the place when he sleeps now.

After his party on Saturday Damian was so tired he passed out. His binky was half out his mouth and he didn't move an inch for hours!

Damian hanging with Janine!

Damian chillin in grandmas sun glasses.

Damian Rolling in the Cadi. Looks like this is what he'll be getting for birthday #2!

I just couldn't resist!

Damian and me spend quality time in the mornings. He is so entertaining!

This was my sick baby. He got his first ear infection a week before his 1st birthday. I hope he never gets another one. He was miserable!