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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A long weekend....

I was off this last Friday and therefor had a 3 day weekend. It was the first weekend I have made it a point to do nothing but hang out. On Friday my mom, D and I went out to lunch and did a little shopping. I found most of D's birthday presents as well as a cute St. Patricks Day outfit. I can't believe my little man will be 1 in less than 2 months. On Saturday my mom and I went to a movie while D hung out with grandpa. It was so relaxing to have a few hours of girl time away from the house. Then on Sunday we decided to blow off all responsibility and do nothing. D took a great 3 hour nap which gave me some time to do some of the things I wanted to. Here are a few pics of our weekend of play!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few favs....

My little man is getting so big. He is now pulling himself up to things and walking around with little help. He absolutely loves his baths and can not wait to get in the tub. He will stand by the edge and bounce in anticipation while it fills with water. It is so cute. He also loves to be heard and is into anything he can get his hands on...especially moms purse!