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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pumpkin Decorating

Well Damian and I spent the afternoon decorating 2 out of our 7 pumpkins. Damian wasn't very into it but I had a lot of It's pretty obvious whos is whos. Monkeys for my little monkey and polka dots for me! I refuse to carve a pumpkin until I have to. They are gross and sticky inside. So until Damian tells me he wants to carve a pumpkin, we will use alternatives :-) So far ribbon, pins and small decorations are working great. I think next we will be using some spray paint and a few other things. We have 5 more pumpkins to get creative with!


Adiel said...

So cute ash! It reminds me of when we used to paint rocks at Nan's!

Ash and Damian said...

Thanks. Pumpkin carving is and oh the good ol days, rock painting at Nans! Not a worry in the world. I miss those days!

* tilila and karter * said...

i am now up and going! love the pumpkins ash! me and lauren are takin the kids friday so i will be sure to show you our pics :) love ya!