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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well me and Damian are doing well. He is about to get his next haircut in the next couple days because it is out of control! He is rolling over and reaching for EVERYTHING. He has started throwing fits if I have to take something away. He has such an attitude! It is hillarious.

He is so interested in everything. He snatched this napkin right out of my hands! He played and played with it.

He played with it until he got tiered, then he tried to cuddle with it like his blankie. He is such a snuggler! He will not sleep without a blanket or something to cuddle with. He burrows his face in it and to sleep he goes.

This is his new favorite toy. You push the top and little balls pop around inside the clear plastic. He tries to get to the balls with his mouth. He sits and sucks on the outside. It is so funny. Kids are so amazing. There is nothing better than watching them learn!